Florian Hollender - hollender.info

Florian Hollender - hollender.info

This is the hub to get to (almost) everything I am doing online.


  • TSL.fm: The fabulous podcast I am hosting together with Christoph Mayer on an irregular basis [DE].
  • DataDriven.fm: A podcast for the makers and thinkers of the data driven economy, hosted by me, run for nxt statista [DE].
  • If you are looking for a podcast guest who can talk on consulting, "new work", Innovation in Telco and Technology (like 5G, Network Slicing, AR/VR...), and all kinds of nerdstuff... hit me up :-)
  • Websites/Blogs:

  • nxt statista: my day job as partner of a consulting firm. [DE/EN]
  • floho.com: personal blog [DE]. Actually, you have been redirected here directly, because I set up my new online home under floho.com
  • Social Media:

  • Twitter: @floho [DE/EN]
  • Mastodon (preferred over Twitter): @floho@nxt.social
  • Facebook: fb.me/floho [DE/EN]
  • Instagram: floho_hh [DE/EN]
  • XING: Florian Hollender [DE]
  • LinkedIn (I am most active here): floho [DE/EN]
  • Contact:

    To get in touch, please write an email. hollender@hey.com

    Phone/ iMessage/ WhatsApp: +49 151 5790 3983


    Inactive/ what once was and is not anymore:

  • chain.ventures was a "side hustle"/"spare time startup" - working on projects in the Blockchain space. We launched airproof: Blockchain security for your AirBnB rental, which was free for android, but has been deactivated for the time being.
  • KillerConsultant.com: Blog about consulting life [EN]. Inactive due to time constraints and not wanting to get caught by GDPR-lawyer-sharks...